Honestly, I just don't have a criminal mind, or time to come up with how to scam people.  I don't know why, but I'm always shocked to learn of the different ways people can steal your money and identity.  You seriously need to keep your guard up at all times.  I always try to share scam information when it comes across my desk so you are aware.  This time it comes from the State of Wisconsin Lottery.  Beware, no matter what State you play in!

The Wisconsin Lottery sent out a press release urging players to be careful when giving out personal information.  Someone has been contacting players to say they have won a lottery prize when it simply isn't true.

Several players have contacted the Lottery Office and said they were told they had won a special 2nd Chance drawing or other similar drawings. Then, the caller attempted to get them to provide money and personal information in order to "process" their prize claim.

The Wisconsin Lottery says the special drawing does not exist. The caller is a thief.

"Be suspicious of calls out of the blue that seem too good to be true," said Mike Edmonds, Lottery Director. "Don't let the idea of a big prize cloud your judgment and lead you into a big mistake."

Mike Edmonds offers ways you can protect yourself against this fraud:

  •  Be wary of anyone who says you've won a prize in a game or drawing you never entered.
  •  Know that legitimate lotteries will NEVER ask you to pay a fee to collect a prize.
  •  Think twice before providing bank account numbers, credit card numbers or Social  Security numbers over the phone, especially to someone you don't know.
  •  Be suspicious of "urgent" solicitations that suggest you will lose a prize if you don't act  immediately.

The Wisconsin Lottery says they will never contact players to tell them they've won a prize, unless they have entered a second-chance or special event drawing. Furthermore, they will never ask you for personal bank information as a prerequisite to claiming a prize, or require players to pay a fee or make special additional purchases to claim a prize.

This is what you should do if you're suspicious of a caller.  Contact the Lottery Office at (608) 261-4916, or send an email to info@wilottery.com.