If you're a real beer drinker, sometimes these "limy" or half lemonade beers don't work on a hot summer day.  I'm one of those people.

Don't get me wrong, I've enjoyed a Leinenkugel's Summer Shandy on occasion, but usually only 1 and I'm done.

I want a beer, not beer and juice.  I want something blended perfectly that quenches your thirst, gives you a buzz, and is crisp and refreshing.  I want something not too heavy.  I don't want to chew my summer beer.   A little bit of citrus is OK, but I don't want to get burned out by the sweetness.  I want a nice balance in a summer beer.  And Sam Adam's has done just that with their Summer Ale.

It promises to be:

Crisp and tangy with refreshing lemon peel and a hint of pepper from rare Grains of Paradise. Golden, hazy, & thirst quenching, this American wheat ale balances bright citrus, Noble hops & spice for a lively brew that’s perfect on any summer day


It turns out to be exactly that.  Nice job Sam Adams.  I love this beer.

It is worth mentioning that this is VERY similar to one of my favorite local Wisconsin beer's "Spotted Cow" made by New Glarus.  They only sell New Glarus in Wisconsin, so if I ever find myself out of state and missing the taste, a Sam Adams Summer Ale would suffice.

If you're a beer enthusiast like myself, I urge you to come to the Twin Ports On Tap, a local craft brewing tasting event at Barker's Island Festival Park on June 28th!  You can even try some of the beers I've been blogging about!  See you there!