Roseanne Cash is our Solid Gold Pick of the Week.  She is the daughter of Johnny Cash and just had her 58th birthday last week.  Obviously music is in her genes, but she has proved herself with her eleven No. 1 singles that blur the genres of country, rock, roots, and pop. She has received one grammy and twelve grammy nominations, among other awards and accolades, including an honorary doctorate from Memphis College of Art. 

You learned more about Roseanne from the 2005 movie Walk the Line that was an Academy-award winning film.  She was portrayed, as a child, by Hailey Anne Nelson.

If you missed the movie, Walk the Line, here is the trailer:

Fans were thrilled when Roseanne took the stage and shared intimate details about her father, she then continues the tribute to him by singing Tennessee Flat Top Box.  Enjoy!

She is currently writing an album of songs about Southern people, places and themes with her longtime life partner and musical collaborator, John Leventhal. She lives in New York City.