I was very sad to hear of the passing today of Harold Ramis, who was a major comedic influence while I was growing up.  While he didn't have the star power of Bill Murray, Chevy Chase, John Candy, and others he worked with, his writing and acting helped create some comedy landmarks over the years.

Growing up, I of course loved Saturday Night Live but I also loved SCTV which featured the likes of Martin Short, John Candy, and Rick Moranis.  Harold Ramis was a writer on that show and I still search for old video of it to crack me up.

Most people will most remember Ramis for the movies he was associated with, and here are some of my favorites.  On any given day you could watch any of these movies and get a good laugh, I suggest we do just that in honor of Harold Ramis:


Let's start with the classic Animal House, a film that he wrote:



An all-time classic that still holds up, Ghostbusters is a movie that he both wrote and starred in:



As he did in Ghostbusters, Ramis both wrote and acted in another 80's classic, Stripes:



Harold Ramis also directed some classic movies, including the original Vacation:



His success wasn't just limited to the 80's, as he directed the 90's classic, Groundhog Day



He also directed Analyze This, where he made Robert De Niro funny.



Harold Ramis was one of those guys who was around so many comedy landmarks that you have to give him credit for the amazing talent he had.