We went to see the movie "Rio" today.  It's an animated movie about two rare blue Macaws and their struggles with smugglers, monkeys, and love.  I laughed out loud quite a bit at the movie. Since  it's a kids movie you always know there is a happy ending.   I recommend this movie to anybody.  It never got boring and it kept kid's attention the entire time.  As of Friday it was number one in the box office with around $10 million.  I'm sure after families get a chance to go this weekend it will sell much better.  Critic's have also praised "Rio."  It's a movie I will definitely see again.

Without giving away much of the movie, the local tie in is that one of the blue macaws "blue" is from Moose Lake, Minnesota.  Minnesota is mentioned quite a bit throughout the movie.   Moose lake in the animated movie looks nothing like the real Moose Lake.  After bringing it up after the movie I was told nobody cares it's just a kid movie and don't pick them apart.  I'm working on that.