Every day I am reminded how my world has evolved with new the world's new technology.   My daughter stares at me in disbelief when I tell her how things USED to be.   From scoring our own bowling (no electronic scoring back then), to having to go IN to the convenience store every time we pumped gas.  There was no Ticketmaster, Amazon or eBay.....THIS was how you got the latest HOT CD (oh, no DVD's yet either)!

We stood in line!  We stood in line to get our favorite bands latest CD or tickets to their upcoming concert.  I remember camping out at the Duluth Arena (now the DECC) to be first in line, to buy front tickets to a concert.  Come on, some of you old timers are with me.  Well, I saw this youtube   video from DJ's Record Shop in Superior, WI.  I watched just to see if I knew anyone, lol.  I'll just bet the guys in this video thought they were the cool being one of the first to own a Guns N' Roses "Use Your Illusion" CD.  Ah, loved the excitement of a midnight CD release!

Which bands would you be likely to stand in line to buy a CD or ticket to their show?  Does anybody remember DJ's Record Shop in Superior?