Get ready to hit the training roads, or treadmills, and cross you fingers because lottery registration for the 2013 Gary Bjorklund Half Marathon begins Monday, February 11th.  You can register individually or as a group so you either all get in or nobody gets in.

According to their press release, registration will continue through Friday, Feb. 22. The half-marathon registration is conducted through an online lottery process in which 6,300 participants will be randomly selected from all entrants.

Registrations can be submitted anytime during the 12-day registration period at During the week of Feb. 25, everyone who signed up for the lottery will receive an email stating whether or not they were selected. Credit/debit cards will be charged ONLY if the registrant is selected in the lottery. The entry fee is $80, plus processing charge.

The race is set for Saturday, June 22, at 6:45 a.m., and is run on the second half of the Grandma’s Marathon course. For more details, click here:

Registering for the Half Marathon as a Group
Runners may enter the lottery selection as a group. This group feature allows registration for up to 6 friends/family members (e.g. husband/wife pairs) who only want to run if certain other people are participating as well. Everyone in that group is either all IN if selected, or all OUT, if not selected. Your chances of being selected will not be affected by being part of a group.

When registering with a group, choose one person to register for the lottery first. This person will create a group name at the time he/she registers. Once the group name is created (by the first person in the group to register), other group members will be able to search for the group name and register for the lottery with that group.