Today in our show we discussed a new claim by Harvard Doctors working for OKCupid came up with.  They said 3 hypothetical questions between you and your partner could tell if the relationship will last.  It's part of the thought behind the dating website.

The questions were:

1) Do you like horror movies?

2)Have you ever traveled the country alone?

3)Wouldn't it be fun to give up everything and go live on a sailboat?

If you match on those three, you should be set for a long, happy relationship.  I'm not discounting that, maybe they've found a formula.  But, I can happily say I'm glad I'm done with online dating.   (I found my wife through traditional ways.   Here's a couple quick stories we can all commiserate with.

Names have been changed to protect the innocent:

Lana...  I met her on  We had sent messages back and forth for a while.  She seemed into me, I seemed into her.  We had talked for a couple of weeks.  Everything was progressing nicely to finally set up a date.  Before I ever got to that point, she dropped off the planet.  Now, it couldn't have been anything I said.  My guess is she found someone else.  It happens, that's the point.   The problem with online dating is there is no follow up.  Maybe she died in a horrific accident?   Maybe she was kidnapped and I was the last person to talk to her.  I'll never know.

Beth... (I'm bad at fake names.)  We had sent back several messages and decided to go out on a date.  She didn't look at all like her profile picture.  I mean I get highlighting your best features, but when I don't even recognize you when you approach me, there's a problem.  Looks aren't everything, but deceit is hard to swallow.  There needs to be a physical attraction to start.  Trust me, I'm not a model and I know there have been women not attracted to me.  It sucks, but that's how it is.  We're just wasting time if we don't show the real us to start.

Claudia... (where do I come up with these names?)  The online stalker.  This match was from about 10 years ago on eharmony.  She wasn't a perfect match, but apparently there wasn't anyone who was a perfect match for me.  That's always depressing.   This was a "somewhat match."  Anyway, we started talking, we actually got to the point of phone calls.   The next day she had driven 100 miles to the Town I was living in and called me from the Perkins wanting to meet.  I was scared off, and came up with some kind of excuse about it not going to work out.  I didn't want to string her along.  She called me 7 times in that hour.  Thank God she didn't know my address.


Anyway, I'm glad this is over and I'm happily married.  We met face to face, and I really think that's still the best way to go.  But who knows, maybe you had some good luck in the past.

If you're single and looking for a place to meet in the Twin Ports, join us for our Singles In The City party on March 29th.  Who knows, sparks may fly?  But of course, it's no pressure.