It's called DEEP, or Duluth Energy Efficiency Program and they offer rebates up to $2500 for single family homes and $10,000 for multi-family properties.  So if you thought those home improvements were completely out of your reach financially, maybe not!

They have helped over 350 Duluth homeowners and landlords already, but time is running out.  The program that utilizes home performance audits to identify the need for improvements will expire in mid-July.  Besides financial assistance of rebates and discounted materials,  they also offer Do-It Yourself Workshops to learn how to insulate and air seal.

DEEP covers rebates for air sealing, insulation upgrades, and furnace, water heater and boiler replacements.  For more info you can call:  218.336.1038, or visit

If this helps keep your family warm and saves you some money, please let me know!  I would be thrilled to know that this blog hooked you up!

Info via:  City of Duluth Press Release/Sarah Hannigan, DEEP Program Director