Photo: Cathy Kates

After the last Vikings game at the Metrodome on December 29, 2013, I came back to work and said the fans on that historic day were docile.  So quiet through most of the game and couldn't figure it out.  We thought it was because people wanted to "say" they were at the last get it over with.  But after watching this viral video, it hit me!  (and I was guilty too)

So many of us commented on the fact that the crowd was SO quiet.  It was packed, it was the last game at the dome it should have been crazy loud.  But you can't clap, scream, hold signs or show emotion and attitude when you're holding your cell phone in your hands concentrating on taking pictures or video!  It's certainly a sign of the times.  There use to be a day when we got rowdy, loud and had fun at games.  We still do, but take time out to be historians now.  Honestly, I took way more pictures and video than I'll ever show anyone.

Watch this video and I bet it will make you think of an instance when you could have/should have put the cell phone down.

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