Recently I blogged about the anxiety I had as a parent bringing our boy to the first day of school.   I thought it would be good to get his side of the story.   Here it is:

What was the best part of today?   School was good because I got to know my teacher's name, and the music lady's name too.  She was nice.  Yeah, I liked her.

What do you think you're going to learn this year?   I already know my abc's.  I already know my 123's.   That's about everything I think.  Maybe shapes.   We might learn some shapes.

That's all you think they teach you?  I bet they teach you how to make new friends.  I'm gonna make a lot of new friends.

What did you think of the school?  The gym looks really cool, except it was scary.  When they turn the lights on, it won't be scary.  I'd run around and around and be super fast.

What are you excited about tomorrow?  Well, I guess I'm excited about crafts... and lunchtime.  That's the best.

Oh and a bonus question:

What do you want to be when you grow up?  Ambulance driver and a tow truck driver so I can help out people.   Even a fire truck driver.