Anybody who thinks that have pinned down exactly what will happen this Sunday night is crazy.  That's what makes the show great, we are constantly surprised.  After last weeks episode, we know that no one is safe.   Not even Walt Jr.

First off, I believe we will see Walter White die in this episode.  Whether it be from the cancer, or murdered, Heisenburg needs to die.  The entire show from episode 1 has been about his coping with imminent death.  Even if he somehow finds a way to get all of his money to his family, kill the neo nazi's,etc,  he will have to die at the end.  I think it would be tough for Vince Gilligan and the other writers to let this guy live and call it a finale.

A tough call is the "everyone dies" theory.   I wouldn't rule it out.   Everyone could die.  In the past few years we have been shocked on other television shows routinely with main characters of the cast being written off without hesitation.   Consider this, we are at the end.  Nobody's safe.   There are some people who believe that Walt Jr. will die as he is the only innocent person left in all of this, and this show is a definite tragedy.

The assumption also is that the guns and ricin are for Todd's gang.  Gun- yes I think that's safe to say.   The ricin though is another wild card.   You don't shoot someone and then give them ricin.  The ricin may be for Walt himself.   I think Walt is going to want to go out on his own terms.

I'd really like to see Jesse live.  We all do.   But does he even want to live?

So to sum it up, I think Walt is going to end up somehow killing and outsmarting Todd and his gang.   Jesse will probably die in the process, and more casualties in Walter's family.  Then, Walter will die in the end with nothing but his empire he built, and nowhere for the money to go.

But, I'm probably wrong.   We'll see!