Start the New Year off right!  Knowing that you have lodging guaranteed for Grandma's Marathon 2013.  How is the training going?  I know, I'm in the same boat!  It's hard to train in the cold temps and keeping your footing in the snow is difficult.  But, one thing you can ease, is your mind and wondering where you, friend or family are going to stay on the big weekend!  Here's how:

Wouldn't that be the ultimate?  Lodging during the Grandma's Marathon weekend is hard to come by, and even better if you win it and it's FREE!  To be eligible for a chance to win the complimentary lodging, just complete your registration for the 26.2-mile race before the end of 2012!  Um, so hurry!

Here's how it works, everyone who registers (including those already entered) prior to Jan. 1 will be included in the random drawing!  And save some bucks too, there's an entry fee increase on February 1.

The date of this year's 37th running of Grandma's Marathon is set for Saturday, June 22nd at 7:45 a.m. The 26.2-mile race is limited to the first 10,000 participants.

Still sitting no the fence?  Maybe a look at this year's 2013 Grandma’s Marathon Entry Fee Structure will be incentive.

$90 - November 1 to January 31

$95 - February 1 to March 31

$110 - April 1 to May 31