I always look forward to the Empty Bowl Event!  While I know it's designed to help fund the Second Harvest Northern Lakes Food Bank, I can't help but feel that Spring is that much closer to reality.  I also always enjoy adding another "Empty Bowl" pottery piece to my collection and the soup at the event is unique and delicious.  You don't have to wait until the "Sea of Bowls" or the day of the event, you can go on-line now and bid for your favorite!

I applaud the Second Harvest Northern Lakes Food Bank.  Their staff works with the community tirelessly to provide food for people in our area.  More than 3.8 million meals annually, that is huge!

This year, Empty Bowl falls on Tuesday, April 15.  It's a chance for you to enjoy conversation with friends while enjoying a bowl of piping hot and delicious soup from an area restaurants in a handcrafted bowl for just a $20 donation.  It will be held at The Depot, 506 West Michigan Street in Duluth from 10 am–6:30 pm.  Brunch, lunch, dinner, it's convenient for whatever portion of the day you have available to make a difference.


The Sea of Bowls, also referred to as Empty Bowl Preview Night, also held at The Depot, 506 West Michigan Street.  This happens the night before the Empty Bowl Event from 5-7p.  It's a chance for you to choose a fine-art bowl at a gallery-style showing complete with wine and cheese reception.  Cost of bowls at Sea of Bowls range from $24-$100.

Or with Empty Bowl's On-Line Auction

The bowls are truly a piece of collectible art.  You can keep it for yourself or start thinking about a gift for the wedding couple this summer.  A handcrafted bowl is unique and again, your winning bid will support the Second Harvest Northern Lakes Food Bank.

Be sure to spread the word on social media about Empty Bowl and I'll be there serving soup during the lunch hour.  Get in my line on April 15 and I'll give you a smile, you'll enjoy delicious soup, you'll have a fantastic bowl and a warm and fuzzy for helping feed those in need in the Northland!