In case you haven't heard about this, I'll bring you up to speed.  University of California Davis was trying to dismiss Occupy protestors on Friday.  During the clash between protestors and campus police one of the officers pepper sprayed a line of men and women sitting (blocking) the sidewalk.   It wasn't a very popular action and it has spread across the internet very quickly. (see below)

Since the incident, the campus police chief has been put on leave, and the University Chancellor Katehi has been under fire.  Many people have asked for her to step down.  She's now having an outside panel investigate the issue.

Protestors then put together a silent protest that has been dubbed the walk of shame.  For 3 blocks protestors sat silent as the chancellor walked by to her SUV.  Sometimes silence is a more effective way to protest, and in this case, you can tell it shook her up a bit.