Seriously?  Do we really need to read a book on how to roughhouse with our children?  Apparently so.  They also have seminars that teach parents how to roughhouse with their children.

Doesn't it just come naturally?  I was bouncing our boy off the couch before he could even walk.  Obviously I was very careful.  Do we need to learn how to wrestle with our kids?  I thought this was stuff that we just knew how to do.  It's like an instict.

I see a lot of parents of young kids nowadays that are afraid of doing anything with their child.  Heaven forbid you actually get into a pillow fight, or throw them up in the air, or give them an airplane ride.  Not to mention it's a great workout.  It's important to know that girls need roughhousing too!  Last weekend our friends were over with their 2 year old daughter.  I was giving our son an airplane ride in the yard, and she piped in saying she wanted one too.  So then I alternated between the two of them for 15 minutes until I got too dizzy and had to stop.  Oh and by the way, I didn't learn that from a class.

I'm not a parenting expert, and sometimes I don't know what I'm doing.  I think that's part of parenting that we all need to go through.  You do the best you can, you love your kids, and you let them live a little.  Keep them safe, but don't put them in a bubble.  Part of growing up is feeling and living through emotions.  Happiness, success, joy, laughter, etc are all good things that kids need to experience.  Also kids need to experience the not so great emotions so that they will learn how to handle them, and learn from his or her mistakes.

And for crying out loud, wrestle with your kids and have a good time.  They grow up way too fast!