The DTA is facing scrutiny for their stroller policy as it is an inconvenience for some parents.  They require that all strollers be folded and placed under the seat to keep the aisle clear for emergencies and other passengers.  The issue, as you will read, is about safety.  That doesn't make it any easier for parents who don't have strollers that are easily folded up.  In other cities, such as Minneapolis, strollers are required to be folded before a passenger even boards the bus.

Here are my thoughts.  As a parent of two young children, I can empathize with the parents who are bothered by this policy.  However, I also understand that the majority of those riding the bus do not have strollers.  Therefore, I can't be angry for such policies as do are there for the safety of everyone should something occur while in transit.  At least the policy is clear so riders can be prepared and adapt.  What do you think?


Waiting for a bus at the Holiday Center on Wednesday, Alicia Bennett kept an eye on her active 3-year-old son while talking about the Duluth Transit Authority’s stroller policy.

“I stopped using my stroller,” Bennett said. “I found that if you didn’t have the stroller (folded) down in time for the bus, they would keep going.”

The DTA requires that strollers brought onto its buses be folded and stored under or between the seats. The policy is the topic of today’s Big View Forum, a monthly event hosted by Community Action Duluth.

“We have a number of parents who work with us who rely on public transportation as a way to get around town,” not all of whom have strollers that meet the policy, said Xavier Bell, director of community engagement for Community Action Duluth. “But one way or another, these parents are trying to overcome a transportation barrier.”

via Parents find Duluth Transit Authority's stroller rule trying | Duluth News Tribune | Duluth, Minnesota.