Ok, I've purchased a lot of crazy things for my dog.  From clothing (the little leather Harley outfit was adorable), to dog booties, to professional photographs, but they keep coming out with things that never cease to amaze me....AND WE KEEP BUYING THEM!!!!

Have you heard of the Dogbrella from Hammacher Schlemmer?  My observation is....it's an upside down umbrella with the handle on the top, so the brella part is held over your dog, by YOU!  Oh and they've thought long and hard to make it most convenient, it attaches to the leash and is see-through so you can view your pet while your out for your stroll in the rain.  Course, you know the saying...."a smart dog gets out of the rain", now you can add,  "with a little help from their owner and the Dogbrella".