If you've ever been to a Vikings / Packers game, then you know how rowdy and crazy it can be.  For every group of people having fun trash talking fans of their opponent, there are people who take things too far and alcohol usually plays a role.

Packer's officials hope to keep things somewhat under control Saturday night as the Minnesota Vikings come to town for the playoffs.  The Northland's NewsCenter is reporting that according to the Packer's website, stadium and law enforcement personnel will be extra vigilant at the game given the unique circumstances of the match-up being on Saturday night, playoffs and a division rival.

In addition to the added vigilance, alcohol sales will stop at the beginning of the third quarter, earlier than the standard end of the third quarter.

“Night games previously have presented us with more challenges than normal with regard to inappropriate behavior," says Doug Collins, the Packers’ director of corporate security/risk management. "We are asking fans to enjoy the game responsibly and also help us out by reporting poor conduct to stadium and law enforcement personnel, either in person, or by text at the number posted in the stadium.

Let's hope for a great game and a rowdy rivalry in the stands, while keeping the d-bag fans to a minimum.  I have a feeling flask sales will skyrocket in Wisconsin and Minnesota.