We are seriously considering purchase of these bricks to outline our current sidewalk from garage to house.  I think it's cool that a historic piece of downtown Duluth could be on my property!  What a great conversation piece, plus, for years I've driven over them in my car and on the cycle.  Countless times I've run over them during Grandma's half marathon, it would truly be a piece of memorabilia for me and my family.

The City of Duluth has a surplus of paving bricks for sale. They were removed from Superior Street recently and are now at the Kenwood Pit across from Lovers Lane. The cost per brick is $.30 cents. If you wish to buy some, you can pay for your desired quantity in the Purchasing Office at City Hall in Room 100.  Be aware that tax will be added and you will have to load the bricks yourself (so bring gloves and a friend). A City staff person is available from 7:00 AM -3:30 PM Monday - Friday. Buyers must show their receipt when picking up bricks, no exceptions. The size of the Paver/Brick is: (3-7/8" W x 7-7/8" L x 2-1/8" D).

I just have to get my husband to do the math on how many we would need.  Are you going to purchase any?  If so, save some for me!