Tonight I'm blogging and drinking... SHH.  Don't call the blog police.   It's OK.  I've only had a couple.   I'm trying out the newest brew from Bent Paddle Brewing Company, and it's delicious.  It's called the Paddle Break Blond Ale, and I love it.  I've been enjoying quite a few of their brews and others from local breweries.  But why are there so many breweries popping up in the Twin Ports?  Well there are several reasons, but today I learned a big one... Lake Superior.

We had the opportunity today to talk with Duluth Experience, a unique company that gives you the chance to really enjoy Duluth in many ways, including the craft beer scene.  I was talking with Tim Wilson from Duluth Experience about favorite local beers in the Twin Ports area.  Of course he couldn't come up with one by itself.  Good answer, Tim.  There's just too many with too many tastes to offer.

However, he did go on to explain that our water source in the Twin Ports is part of the reason these craft breweries have had so much success.  Our Great Lake has such quality water that the brewers don't need to do much to it before beginning to brew.  Most run the water through a charcoal filter to increase the quality.   After that, it's good to go.  That gives local breweries a clean and perfect canvas to start making their own specialty brews.  In some cases they have to add salts and minerals to create flavors that may be influenced from other regions.

But as Tim explained, it's so nice to start with something so fresh.  I'll drink to that... Better get another!

If you're a beer lover, you need to come to the Twin Ports On Tap on June 28th at Barkers Island Festival Park.  There are 100 craft beers to try and sample!