First, I need to thank everyone for their kind wishes on my birthday.  It's a nice feeling that people you haven't talked to in a long time drop a quick note.  Thanks!

The past year of my life has had some great highs.  It's also brought up some signs of aging and just growing up.  So without rambling on too much, here's 5 things that happened since my last birthday.

1.  I've really grown up. Even into my mid-20's I would still take every chance to go out and get crazy with friends.  It still happens, but far less often.  I think part of it is that I really do pay for it the next day more than I used to.  And let's face it, I've got a ton of more responsibilities.  I also am not as invincible as I used to be.  Accidents hurt a little more, and heal a little slower.

2.  I'm Better With Money. Especially in the last year, I've been more aware of my finances.  I used to be Terrible with money.  Now after some hard life lessons, I've got a decent handle on living within our means.

3.  I became a home-owner. It was a tough process, but I stuck to my guns and made it through all of the hoops and bought a house.  That was a big step.  Now all the money I used to spend on going out is spent on the house!

4. I'm more into politics. I'm not registered with a certain party because I think they all are idiots, but I do actually follow politics now.  I have responsibilities as a family man and to look out for my family.  I pay attention now to issues and where politicans stand.  Let's hope we can save the middle class.  That's all for now on my soap box.

5.  I married my wonderful wife. It's the biggest event of my life so far.  Along with the wedding, you can tack on the list planning a wedding... paying for a wedding...stressing about a wedding... and being very happy.  I remember how much growing a year older sucked when I felt like I was missing something.  Now that it's all coming together, growing a year older isn't that big of a deal.