Country music's most popular songs seemed to come from some of the newcomers. Artists you hadn't heard of a couple of years ago now are enjoying a lot of success. For example Jerrod Neimann's second big hit "One More Drinkin' Song" and Eli Young Band's "Crazy Girl" were requested a ton! Of course Toby, George, and Kenny had their big hits too. A lot of the summer songs like "Barefoot Blue Jean Night", "Long Hot Summer", and "Take A Back Road" had their last moment in the sun at the top of our playlist, and now will fade away much like the summer. Don't worry, we've got songs this fall that will really grow on you. One song we know will be a hit is "Camouflage" from Brad Paisley! Keep it tuned to B105 and send us your requests!

October 2011 Playlist