Well, here we go again.  After a day with some snow, we get prepared for another deep freeze.  Since we've made it this far I would like to challenge Mother Nature to keep pouring it on, so we can say we made it through the worst winter in history.

Tonight, the National Weather Service has placed the Northland a Winter Weather Advisory until midnight and then a Wind Chill Warning that will last until noon Thursday.  Wind chills as low as -40 are expected tonight, with winds gusting up to 30 mph.

As for Thursday, we can expect a little sunshine but a high temperature of -1.  Hang in there, March is near and we continue our slow march to Spring.

I don't know about about you but I already feel better seeing the days getting longer and hearing people talk about signing up for softball and summer volleyball leagues.  It's always easier dealing with this stuff when you're on the way out of winter versus October.