After an investigation by authorities, charges have been officially filed, but there are no hate crime charges stemming from an underage drinking party at a Kelsey Township gravel pit on May 26th.  It was at that party  that Max Pelofske accused a group of people of beating him up because he is gay.

Our partners at The Northlands News Center are reporting that had charges escalated to hate crime status, prison time could have been involved.  When officers arrived the night of the incident, there were conflicting stories as to what happened that night.  The 21 year-old Pelofske claimed he was attacked by a group of younger men after Randall Bauer confronted him as asked him if he was gay.  Other people claim that it was Pelofske who instigated the brawl and that he threw a can and hit someone at the party.

We  may never have a clear idea what happened that night, but six of the seven people allegedly involved in that fight have now been charged with misdemeanor fifth degree assault, including Max Pelofske.

Other charges from the incident include drinking and driving, disorderly conduct, drug possession, and felony count of fleeing a police officer was charged to 18 year-old Tyler Joseph Schubert.