There was a stir earlier today about an NFL rule that does allow the commissioner to overturn a play if a major injustice occurs during the course of a game.  Today, the NFL reviewed the controversial Seattle touchdown and said there was not sufficient evidence to overturn the result of the game.

Basically, the call on the field will stand and had the call be an interception, that would've stood as well. The only thing the NFL acknowledged was that pass interference should have been called on Seattle  So, the least experienced referee on the field decided who won an NFL footbal game.  That is the worst case scenario for any sport, to have officials determine the winner.

ESPN is reporting that the NFL did issue the following statement regarding the ongoing negotiations with the regular referees:  "There is broad agreement that the quality and consistency of officiating can and should be improved. How to accomplish that is a critical issue separating the two sides in this negotiation," the statement read. "While the officials' union would like to turn this into purely an economic dispute, we have told the union and the federal mediator that we are prepared to make reasonable economic compromises and that we will invest more money in officiating as long as it assures long term improvement.

"We have made a number of specific proposals to accomplish that, including by developing a deeper, more diverse talent pool that is trained in NFL officiating earlier and more intensively."

In other words, the debacle Monday night may expedite talks between the league and the regular officials, but it doesn't guarantee a deal right away.

In the meantime, Green Bay needs to shake this off and blow out a bad New Orleans Saints defense on Sunday.  They should win big and that will help put this behind them.  The players will probably be able to move on before the fans will.