I actually have nightmares about forgetting our daughter in a hot car.  You hear the stories in the news and it is such a gut wrenching tragedy when these children die.  A lot of people put the blame on parents, but I can see it happening to almost anyone. 

With as stressful and busy our lives are, it could be easy to get mixed up in a hurry and forgot you have the kid in the back.  I make a conscious effort every time I get out of the vehicle to check the back seat whether or not I was suppose to have the kid or not, it's now just a habit.  Here in the Northland, we really have to check all seasons, because it gets cold enough in the winter to kill as well.

This New Mexico teen came up with a brilliant device that could save some lives.  Here's hoping it gets onto shelves quickly.  Like I said above, I hope they would consider adding a "too cold" sensor as well.