Nobody should have to choose between pants and gas or worse, food and gas.  However, with gas prices over four dollars a gallon it is becoming increasingly difficult to manage our budgets while keeping gas in our vehicles.  There is new legislation that may prevent this in the future.

KBJR-TV is reporting on a measure that would require refineries to report their maintenance schedules to the Department of Energy in an effort to avoid future simultaneous closures that could drive gas prices up.

Experts are blaming temporary maintenance shut–downs of three Midwest refineries for the recent spike in gas prices.

The bill would also require refineries to immediately tell the Department when they're experiencing any unplanned outages.

I can't see a reason to prevent this measure from moving forward, so let's hope it helps.  In the meantime, I'll be boiling water for my Ramen noodles so I can buy more gas.