If you're wondering whether the time apart signaled a break-up of Big & Rich, wonder no more. In an interview with Billboard, John Rich said a new album from the duo is "inevitable." As far as when the new album may appear, that is a little less clear.

The two are touring right now with Gretchen Wilson and the plan is apparently to get to work once the tour is over. Rich told Billboard:

First of all, we've got to get through this tour. People always say, 'Don't you write songs on the road?' You really don't; it's all you can do to keep your voice going. But Kenny (Alphin, aka Big) and I are swapping songs, swapping ideas, so I would say it's inevitable it's coming. And It's not like people can pitch you songs for a Big & Rich record; our music is not like anybody else's stuff. It really is a meeting of the minds between me and Kenny, so it's just a process. But we're pumped about it, I can tell you that.

Rich makes the prediction that they will be hitting the studio sometime this winter, citing tour dates that extend late into the fall and a couple in December.

Although they don't have a new album out, Big & Rich do have a single that is gaining some success. "Fake ID," a song on the new Footloose soundtrack, is working its way up the charts and they are enjoying playing the song on their tour.


Source: Billboard