Just caught this on Yahoo! News.  Could your DVD Player already be out of date?

Ten years ago Netflix revitalized the DVD rental industry by mailing DVDs to customer that could be mailed back with no late fees. America loved it. But now Netflix says the day of the DVD has come and gone and plans to eliminate them completely from their business model. Netflix has predicted that in about two years their economics will be geared more toward their "Watch Instantly" service so they're nudging their DVD-loyal customers to the new platform. That's not going over so well with customers who have posted thousands of angry comments after Netflix removed the "Add to DVD Queue" option. As of yet Netflix hasn't released any response, which if you think about it, is kind of their response. Whether customers like or not, Netflix knows that the future is moving away from physical discs and toward instant access. But something else to think about-- if their business model transformation succeeds and Netflix's streaming business takes off the way they think it will, it could prove a serious drain on America's broadband capacity.

I know my Playstation3 streams movies and it's super convenient, but maybe to cut down on the mass mailings they seem to want to avoid, they could go BluRay exclusive?