I've been hearing from a lot of listeners excited to win their way aboard the Countryfest Express to see Keith Urban.  I know you are listening for your chance to call in and win, and I know you're checking the cheat sheet online to give you an edge.  What a perfect time to give you chances to also win cash, by listening and online! 

Beginning Tuesday (May 1st), you will have 2 chances to win $1,000 cash every weekday in May from LendSmart on B105 !  We will have a special cue to call that you can't miss, it even gives you the phone number several times.  The $1,000 cue to calls will air anytime between 7am and 6:15pm,  and we'll give you times to listen close on air.  Giving you 2 chances to win $1,000 each weekday will be fun, but there's more.

You can also win $10,000 cash through our website!  You just need to log in to enter as many times as you can.  The $10,000 cash winner will be drawn June 1st.  What would you do with $10,000 (besides maybe buy me a pair of sensible shoes)?

Make sure to keep listening as this will be a fun week to not only win your way to Keith Urban, but win cash.  Good Luck!