Juliette popped the question, Peggy tried to kill herself, Skylar and Gunnar got on some shaky ground, Avery has a choice to leave the band, and Deacon is skipping town.  Lots happened last night, let's get to processing it and speculating about the return of episodes January 9th.

First off, if you want a refresher of what happened ABC does a great recap.

Let's start with where the episode ended:  Juliette proposing to Sean by the pool with candlelight.  I do believe that Juliette really does care about Sean, but everyone in their right mind has to be saying she's moving a little quick.  And guessing by the sneak peak, it looks like he says yes.

Juliette also has to win over Sean's mom who thinks of Juliette as trash.  (She kinda has been up to this point.)  We're starting to see more of why Juliette has done the things that she has when she describes to Deacon how she was mistreated by her mother.  She also threw a temper tantrum when Deacon tried to deliver a letter from her mom.  That was the push to get deacon out on the road with the Revel Kings.

Now, onto Peggy.  Pretty cold of Teddy to just dismiss Peggy in the parking lot.  We find out too that Teddy has embezzled money and done some pretty sleazy business deals.  I honestly am having a hard time figuring out if Teddy and Peggy were sitting in a tree (K-I-S-S-I-N-G), or just really business partners.  Obviously Teddy isn't fessing up to it, but both of them keep saying nothing ever happened to each other.

Skylar and Gunnar got their big break!  They belong together.  Once again I wish Skylar would pull her head out of her ass and start having a little bit of confidence.  Hopefully things will pan out for her.

Meanwhile, Avery finally gets a break!  Except it's without his band.  Tough call for him to make since he's been with his buddy since Junior High.  Now they want to take Avery to the top and leave the others in the dust.  Will he do it?  I'm thinking yes.  And it won't be pretty.

Marshall wants Rayna & Juliette to do an arena tour ASAP, and this time offers alternating headline spots.  Rayna is reluctant, but says she isn't saying "no."  At this point what does she have to lose?  Maybe a tour would be a good enough distraction from the problems at home.

January 9th Nashville returns to ABC, and we should get some more answers.... and undoubtedly new questions on this fine drama.