Here's a recap and thoughts about last night's episode of Nashville for you.  It includes Coleman finally getting down into the dirt with politics, two divas coming together... somewhat, and some continuing interesting relationships.  Oh boy, the drama!

If you'd like to get caught up or a refresher on the episode, ABC has a great recap you can read here.

So here's my thoughts:

Juliette and Sean are good for each other.  Who cares if it's bad press now that she isn't like by fans and blamed for his on field mistakes?  She needs him to keep grounded and fix whats wrong with her.

Coleman is fighting dirty!  I like it.  If I was voting, I would vote for Coleman.  He seems like the less corrupt good guy.  Too bad that Lamar is going to drag his reputation through the dirt with this traffic stop that keeps getting worse.

I'm kinda getting fed up with Skylar.  Move on, take charge of your life, and start doing something here.  Gunnar obviously has feelings for her, but stay away man... She's still a little crazy and you don't want to be the rebound.

Rayna and Juliette have a chance to somewhat work together and do a pretty good song.  Or should I say the wrong song?  I liked it, it got stuck in my head.  Anyone else notice the "Pre Order Nashville Soundtrack now" in the bottom corner of the screen.  Looks like ABC has found another way to make a buck or two, and why not?  These are actually decent songs.

They obviously still don't like each other, but Marshall (record guru) loves it.  I'm sure we will be seeing more forced collaborations to come.