The second episode of "Nashville" delivered as much drama as the first.  Of the things that we learned, the strongest is the obvious feelings that Rayna and Deacon still have for each other.  It's a twisted mess of history between the two of them that we learn in the vulnerability study.The "vulnerability" study was done on Teddy and Rayna as he runs for mayor.  They want to make sure they can find weaknesses and possible scandals.  It's a brilliant way to get viewers caught up on the back story, without a clumsy storyline.  It worked well.  We know Teddy has some shady business deals that he tries to destroy.  We also learned that Deacon and Rayna were still romantically involved while she was dating her now husband Teddy.  Also a little bit of Deacon's past comes to light, as we know he was in rehab and Rayna paid for it.

Meanwhile, Juliette Barnes was trying to swoon in on Deacon and still him for her tour.  They did some skinny dipping in the river and somewhere in there managed to write a pretty good song.

Scarlett and Gunnar were offered a huge chance to be the next generation of Deacon and Rayna.  Of course the problem is that Scarlett is with Avery and he doesn't seem to thrilled she gets to cut a demo with another guy.

The episode ends with an obvious re-kindling of fire between Rayna and Deacon.  They used to date for years on the road and sing intimate songs.  Now, because it financially makes since, they are gearing up for the same kind of tour.  The big difference:  Rayna is married with children.  As soon as they try one of those old love songs, they both know they've still got something for each other inside.


Excited for episode 3?  I am!