Today while I was entering our production studio, I was surprised to find a naked hot dog on the floor.  Being an inquisitive person, some thoughts naturally popped into my head.

1.  Why was someone eating a hot dog in our office at 8:55am

2.  Was this person eating a hot dog without a bun?

3.  That's a beefy hot dog.

4.  Is this some type of prank where I'm supposed to pick up the hot dog?

5.  Why was it warmed up if it was just going to sit on the floor?

6.  Was I supposed to step on this hot dog, slip, fall, and injure myself?  It's a trap!

I then went on and quietly continued my investigation of the mystery hot dog.  I looked for buns in the break room.  No buns.  I searched for someone who looked like they were really disappointed they weren't eating  a hot dog.  The majority of people in the office seemed like they were content without having a hot dog.   Several people looked disappointed in general.  Probably with their life, career, or family at home.  I gave them a hug and moved on.

I didn't find any ketchup packets strewn about, or mustard either. No crumbs, not even the smell of a hot dog partner.  My leads were colder than a frankfurter in January.

I think I'll put this hot dog mystery in the cold case file for now.  Maybe some day this hot dog mystery will get a new lead, and we can re-open it.