Last night I was flipping through channels, and saw that the "Tombstone" was on.  I've seen the movie at least a dozen times, but I still had to watch it.  That's a good way to tell what your favorite movies are.  It's the ones you will watch time and time again.  I've narrowed it down to my top 10 of all time.  Starting with The Shawshank Redemption.

The Shawshank Redemption is often on TV and I still stop and watch it every single time it's on.  It's Stephen King's best work in my opinion.

Next up is "Tombstone".  I still get goosebumps from this scene when Wyatt Earp warns the cowboys that he's coming for them after they murdered his brother.

And of course, the classic mobsters movie with great performances from some of my favorite actors, Deniro, Pesci, Liotta.  "Goodfellas" is just a great movie all around.

As long as we are on the topic of mafia movies and gangsters, you can't call yourself a man if you haven't seen at least one of "The Godfather" movies.  Godfather Part II is my favorite because it has Pacino and Deniro!  Here's the original trailer for the first movie of three Godfathers.

Now, to get away from the shoot 'em up movies, one of my favorites I watch time and time again is "Forrest Gump" , it might be Tom Hank's Best performance ever.

How about my favorite comedy?  "Tommy Boy".  I can't tell you why, but I laugh every time.  Here's a nice highlight video.

And back to the serious stuff.  It's hard to find a better thriller than "The Fugitive"

I'm a huge fan of WWII history and the greatest generation.  This movie has stood the test of time as being one of the greats.  And one of the best lines here.

Star Wars, do I need to say anything else?

And a classic story of the good vs the bad, one vs many, and when Kevin Costner was young.

That's my top 10!  What do you think?  It was pretty tough narrowing it down, and who knows, the list could change again in a few years!  If you notice, I didn't put any recent movies within the last 5 years because I don't know if I'll still be watching them in another 5 years or not.  So that's part of my reasoning.