I love hot dogs, the only thing I love more, is Macaroni and Cheese. I brought a packet of hot dogs with me to work yesterday and heated them up. (Without buns, only hot dog purists can eat hot dogs right out of the packet.) I heated them up, stood over the microwave and smelled them and breathed them in and sighed with extasy, no I don't have a problem, I can quit at any time and have. So when the bell rang on the microwave, I opened it up, and like a little kid, ran to the studio to eat them. 5 hot dogs ha ha ha ha (like the count from Sesame Street). When I got to the studio, one was missing. I was immediately hurt, then confused, then angry.Then I asked myself some questions:

1. who would steal a hot dog from the microwave, I would have shared.

2. they were very fast I was standing there the whole time

3. are hot dogs better grilled, microwaved, or boiled.

4. those hot dogs are beefy

5. did I just walk away from the studio and leave 4 hot dogs

So I walked around the office asking about my hot dog. I couldn't come out and say that I might have lost it, or that someone might have stolen it. They would think I'm crazy or have a problem. So continued my veiled investigation of my hot dog.

The only person I didn't talk to was Ken Hayes.......