I went to Northland's News Center today to tape my segment that will air Monday morning. First of all, if anyone wants to build a parking garage for those folks, it would make parking easier. So, I have to say thanks to Red Lobster for not towing my car.

I got there late, which I felt I should anyway because I am a DJ, we have to keep our reputation. Partly, I have to blame the parking lot. I have to say this, I hate being on TV. I give credit to TV people. It's not an easy job. Then again, someone has to write everything you say. (That was a dig, Courtney Godfrey will punch me in the gut now). They told us we had to have it all done in 4 minutes. Wow, 4 minutes, I'm used to one or two, what do I do with all that time. I found myself talking way too fast.

I have to say thanks to Adam Lorch and Courtney Godfrey, they didn't try and steal my charisma, and they were nice to me on the air, wait till you see it. I made Bongo Burgers.

Burger, shredded cheese, green peppers, onions, bread crums, and teryaki sauce. Tune in Monday at 6:10 am to see how to make it.