I've never really had a bucket list.  I want to keep this lighthearted and fun, so I'm not going to get too deep about this.  Let's just simply put this as "things I want to do before I die."  Let's all hope I get the chance.  See what's on my list - maybe it's on yours too!

1.  Learn To Fly. (it's an expensive hobby!)

2.  Sail A Boat Across the Great Lakes

3.  Take A Motorcycle Trip To Alaska

4.  Take One Of Those Long Family Road Trips To Some Stupid Place (you know the kind.  I just want a chance to say the line "Don't make me turn this car around!)

5.  Go To Europe

6.  Motorcycle Trip To The East Coast

7.  Dress Up Like A Cowboy And Ride A Horse (not for long)

8.  Drive a car on a racetrack and wreck the tires.

9.  Own A Bar For A Day

10.  Storm Chase and See A Tornado

11.  Shoot a 14 Point Buck or bigger

12.  Actually catch a 30 inch walleye

13.  Deep Sea Fish

14.  Say, "Take This Job And Shove It!" (not this job, but you know one of those crappy ones where you have a jerk boss.)

15.  Teach our kids to play baseball, and have my own little baseball game.

16.  Look into a volcano

17.  Finish my attic project (seriously, I don't know if I will ever have time to finish.)

18.  Buy the most expensive truck on the lot

19.  Fly a helicopter

20.  Buy an expensive suit and hang with the yucky yucks

21.   Build a tree house

22.  Celebrate a 50th wedding anniversary with my wife.

23.   Be there for my first grandchild

24.   Say one time in a bar "Drinks are on me!" ... and actually have more than 2 people in the bar at the time.

25.  Get the courage to try stand up comedy.

I could probably come up with a bunch more, but right now this is what is at the top of my mind.  Let's hope I have the time to get them done.  According to my wife, #17 is first on the list.