I admit, I bought one years ago and used it twice.  Of course, at the time I made my t-shirt folder purchase, my mind suddenly pictured a spacious closet with everything neatly folded, and color coordinated with fragrant cedar walls and wire shelving and poles, even little box-like holders for my shoes.  Um, that didn't happen.

Really, how was I going to get a complete closet make-over with a blue plastic t-shirt folder?  None-the-less, I bought one and proceeded to sell it in a rummage sale to another clueless cluttered-closet hopeful.  And now (sniff, sniff), I miss my t-shirt folder and I'm looking to buy another.  Yes, I'm fully prepared to use it twice and pack it away :)  Do you have one?  Do you love it?  Wait.....DO YOU USE IT?

Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory demonstrates how a t-shirt folder works (with humor):