Seems these days companies are so busy shipping out the newest, latest and greatest technology, that they don't actually spend time to make sure it works right.

Lately, a few things I've noticed about computer's in the last few years has begun to get a little too annoying.

1.  Windows Updates. Windows 7 needs to be updated as often as I need to pee.

2.  Every update requires a restart. And if you don't right away, it will remind you every five minutes until you finally succumb to the harrasment.

3.  Can't ever shut down. I have this happen on both my laptop at home, and my computer at work.  You click shut down, and it's waiting for some background program to close.  At work I usually just turn off the monitor and walk away.  The next morning, I turn my monitor on, move the mouse, and then my computer finally shuts down as I sit to start working.

4.  Adobe Flash/Reader Updates. Every few days I get that little window that pops up and says your player is out-of-date.

5.  New Operating Systems. Before windows 7 even came out, they were talking about making windows 8.  The bugs with Windows 7 haven't even been fixed yet!  Not to mention, most programs are still trying to become compatible with Windows 7!

Care to add to the list?