Ugh.  That's what we will all be saying come road construction season.  This year will be a record year for the amount of orange cones on the road.  I don't know about you, but I think we deserve a break commuting after the last couple of years we had here in the Twin Ports.

Last year there was major construction on the Blatnik Bridge that made my commute a nightmare, and apparently they aren't done yet.

MnDot has announced there will be over 300 construction projects this year all over the state of Minnesota, totaling 1.1 billion dollars.  You can look on their website and see exactly where the projects will be taking place and what the cost is.

I understand how important it is to keep roads in good condition, especially when it comes to bridges, but man it's tough to deal with.  Get ready for May, when most projects will be starting!