Granted, wedding spreads are different depending on what part of the Country you're located in.  The fact that our deer hunting season is a big deal, you would think that we would have more brides and grooms doing what Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton are serving.  Would you end up dining on the mints and party favors....or  would you eat THIS?

Miranda tweeted that she was busy doing last minute stuff, getting her nails touched up, a last minute trip to her local Wal-mart (I love that girl, SO down to earth!) and then added "Last thing loaded for the wedding!!!  Harvested!!!!"

Yup, it appears they are serving venison at their wedding reception....personally, I would probably have to politely decline and eat the salad.

The guests should be glad it's venison and not alligator, since I know she hunts those too, lol!  Ken Hayes' wedding is coming up soon...I hope this didn't give him any ideas!!!!