Well this is one way to handle a dispute with coaches.  Farmington senior goalie Austin Krause decided enough was enough in dealing with his coaching staff, so he decided to score on his own goal and then let the coaches know that they are #1!

This move tied the game, which Farmington then ultimately lost.  Krause reportedly discussed doing this ahead of time with some players and got their permission.

DuluthNewsTribune.com reported that one senior parent who asked that he not be named claimed that several senior players have been demoted to playing JV half-time, while a group of four freshmen have been given special treatment and seen lots of varsity time.

Austin Krause was reported to be the A team goalie since youth hockey and performed well both on and off the ice, but the coaches didn't seem to care and played younger players for the future.

Parents also speculated that the coaching staff’s motivation is preparing the program for its debut in the South Suburban Conference in 2014.

While I think there are obviously other ways to first handle such conflicts, this player had reached the end of his rope.  Had he just quit or kept his mouth shut, nobody outside of the school would even know about it.

I say if you're going to quit under such circumstances do it in grand, national news style.  Nobody got hurt.  They may have lost the game, but it's just one high school hockey game and if those younger players are the second coming of Gretzky, the coaches have nothing to worry about.