The B105 Our Town series continues today with a nostalgic look at this weeks town, Cloquet. Cathy has many fond memories of Cloquet from the Pop Shoppe to Pinehurst Park and she shares them after the jump. Don't forget to add your favorite memories of Cloquet in the comments section.

YUM! My favorite? PINEAPPLE flavored Pop Shoppe Pop. Or, for those of you who are technical....soda.

I remember the Pop Shoppe Pop Store in Cloquet, across the street from the Frank Lloyd Wright gas many flavors to choose from...and weird flavors too! That's what made it so fun!!

My mom and I would lug the red plastic bin with the empties back to the store and I would get to pick out another 24 flavors. Definitely a highlight in my that sad?

Speaking of the Frank Lloyd Wright Building:

So, how did Cloquet, MN end up with the only Frank Lloyd Wright built service station?  As I learned from Rod and Judy Ness, it was a an idea that Mr. Wright had hoped would be well received across the United States.  Apparently, that wasn't the case, but Cloquet is happy to have the ONLY one, to claim their own.

Learn more by watching this [video].


Kitty corner from the Frank Lloyd Wright service station is The Chief Theater:

It was built in 1926.  But I didn't darken it's doorstep until about 1975, when I went there to watch "The Other Side Of The Mountain".

Then, it became a place that I would frequent for Saturday matinees.  The movie business in those days was booming.  We didn't have the option to rent movies or have them mailed to us, we didn't have VCR's or DVD's to play them on, if we could.  Instead, you stood in line....yes, actually had to stand in line to buy a ticket, couldn't buy it a head of time on-line.

But, standing in line for a ticket and a bucket of popcorn was all part of the experience of the Chief Theater.  It also meant you got to spend more time hanging with your friends.  At least for me, because I KNEW my mother would be outside that door waiting for me, the minute the movie was over. (sigh!)

Up Highway 33 from the Chief Theater is my favorite sliding hill, Pinehurst Park:

Although, I must have ALMOST broken a leg there about 6 times!  Oh, and believe me, the OTHER side of this hill is even steeper.  When I was sliding as a child, there was no fence, no safety precautions.  Oh, but there was a tree or two.  Still, our parents brought us there to slide.  Honestly?  The worse part was always the walk BACK up the hill!

Times have changed for Pinehurst Park.

Oh, the sliding hill is still there, but in the summer, there is more to do than just play softball.  There is now a huge swimming pool complete with a beach area, lifeguards and sandy volleyball.  THAT wasn't there when I was a kid!

I was also going to ask if you remembered Rudy's Restaurant?  It's not there anymore, there's a new building that has something to do with laundry, but do you remember their incredible salad bar and broasted chicken?  Rudy's was right next to Country Kitchen, which isn't there anymore.  That was right next to Hardee's, which isn't there any more.  They were all in front of Pamida and Disco Grocery Store, which is now L & M Supply.  Change is constant, isn't it?

What are some of your memories of Cloquet?  I could go on and on, but I want YOU to make me say "I DO remember that, gosh, I haven't thought of that in years...."