It was a 2 hour ride bouncing around in a truck.  The only highlight of the ride, a stop at Dairy Queen in Ladysmith, WI...however they were OUT OF COOKIE DOUGH!  Sadness :(  I made due with a Reese's.  We finally arrived at Country Fest, with only a minimal amount of ice cream down the front of my shirt.

Then, there was the crawling through the crowd while in our truck, trying to find our parking spot and dealing with getting our tickets, traded in for wrist bands.  Walk up the hill, no backstage passes at will call yet.  Down the hill.  Up the hill, nope, not yet.  Shopped in the Country Fest Clothing Shop.....up the hill....was told Carrie hadn't even arrived at Country Fest, no passes yet.  Down the hill, listen to Chris Young.  Up the hill, Jim, the gate guy is in the bathroom, back in a few minutes.  Down the hill, into a porta pottie that had a cell phone on the floor, YUCK...I AIN'T TOUCHIN' IT!

Up the hill, Jim's back, but no passes.  Tried to ignore the 50 something year old couch potato shaped man that was in nothing but a neon green thong.  Down the hill, FEATHER EXTENSIONS FOR MY HAIR!!!!  Got a couple put in....super happy and float up the hill.  Not yet, Jim gives me his cell number because I told him I'm getting more exercise than when I ran the half marathon a week ago.

We listen to Dierks Bentley....I call, nope!  It's getting dangerously close to the Carrie Underwood Meet and Greet I tell Jim, I'm just going to go stand where we usually do to go backstage, Jim doesn't think that's a good idea, at this point, I care NOT.  THAT WAS THE TICKET....after standing there nervously for 10 minutes, Carrie's people came out and gave us our backstage passes....and to think I traveled up and down that hill umpteen times!!!!

She was beautiful and I thanked her for providing us with such emotional songs!  My favorite part of the concert was when she broke into "How Great Thou Art", in the middle of another song....absolutely over the top vocals!!!  Brad Paisley agrees....he says, "there's no better singer".

Looking forward to hill repeats next year!  Can't wait till Country Fest 2012!!!