Well, the twins have won a game, thanks to Jamey Carroll and Josh Willingham.  Wait a minute?  Willingwho?  Jamey what?

I guess I really wasn't paying attention to spring training all that much, because to me spring training doesn't really mean a lot.  You don't really know who you are getting until the opening day roster is set.  So who are these new faces of the Twins?  I've done a little fact finding for you.Jamey Carroll (Short Stop) -  Last played with the LA Dodgers, and a whole bunch of other teams since his 2002 debut.  His MLB batting average : .277.  Got his first two hits as a twin last night, after his son cried that his dad hasn't got a hit yet.   Hope you're happy, kid.

Josh Willingham (Left Field) - Last played with the Oakland A's (hate that team!).  He's another veteran, playing in the majors since 2000.  He's got power, and showed that last night with his home run.

Ryan Doumit (Right Field/Cathcher) - Strong defensive player, decent batting average too.  He's been in and out of the majors since 1999.  Gardenhire has faith in Doumit.