The Changes they are a comin'! More and more fast food chains are going to start posting their calorie and nutrition numbers. The first to do so will be McDonald's. They are also changing their menu.

According to Newser, McDonald's is adding calorie counts to its menu boards next week. That means that soon, there will be no escaping the knowledge that a Big Mac packs 550 calories, NPR reports. And, in another health push, the chain may overhaul its deep-fried McNuggets (280 calories in six pieces).

Yes, you could soon see grilled McNuggets on the menu, a VP says.

I don't know if I could get my kids to eat grilled McNuggets.

But "it's not as easy as you would think," he adds, because kids really like the fried version.

Other healthier options, including wraps and smoothies, are also in the works. As for the calorie counts—which will likely soon be required by US law anyway as part of ObamaCare.