The collapse of a part of a wall at Wade Stadium recently put the spotlight on how old and weakened the facility has become.  The Duluth Huskies need to play there and it is a historic part of the Northland, but getting funds for necessary repairs is tricky.  Duluth Mayor Don Ness has a plan.

Our partners at KBJR are reporting that the cost of a full renovation ranges from eight to $12M.

Half of that amount would need to be generated by the City of Duluth to set up any potential for state money.

The mayor says if the legislature commits to the planning money during this session, construction funding is more likely in the 2014 bonding bill.

The city of Duluth must then match the funds Mayor Ness believes that one way to raise money for that match could be through a half percentage point food and beverage tax.

See the full story below.  What do you think of the plan?