Although we saw some sunshine today in the Northland, that doesn't take away from the fact that there are still those suffering from the storms and flooding this week.  The evacuations today of areas like Moose Lake attest to that.  Our media partners at Northlands News Center are reporting flood related road closures.

Here are updated closures: I-35 between Carlton and Mahtowa; Hwy 33 near Independence; Hwy 33 from White Pine River to Cloquet; Hwy 2 from Floodwood to Brookston; Hwy 2 from I-35 to Boundary Avenue; Hwy 2 from the Iron Horse Bar to the golf course; Hwy 23 south of Duluth; Hwy 23 in Fond Du Lac; Hwy 210 in Jay Cooke State Park; Hwy 210 four miles east of McGregor; Hwy 61 at Knife River; Hwy 65 south of McGregor; London Road at 43rd Street; Hwy 200 between Hwy 2 and Hwy 65; Hwy 73 west of Moose Lake.

If you are traveling in the Northland, check your route and please error on the side of caution as there are still many unstable areas all over.  Take care and be safe.